Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer rental services?
Zion Creation is an independent fashion house devoted to crafting pieces that fit every client perfectly. Because of the nature of our business, we do not offer rental services.

Do you only do custom tailoring?
We offer made-to-stock pieces as well, which can be altered to fit you like a custom-made outfit. As these pieces are all handcrafted locally by us in our own workshop, our team of experienced & passionate seamstresses will be able to make accurate, superb alterations and ensure that your desired outfit fits you perfectly.

Do you have a wider range of clothing available in store?
Yes! Our outfits are all handmade individually; only one of each piece exists – as a result, we are unable to upload every single design we have online. Our brick-and-mortar store carries a whole collection of made-to-stock handcrafted pieces that are available for you to browse. Should you visit our store in-person, we will also be able to advise on the styles and fabrics that suit your body type and preferences best.

Do you only sell Cheongsams?
While we specialize in cheongsams, we offer custom tailoring for all ladies’ wear. We also sell evening gowns, cocktail dresses, tops, skirts, shawls & shoes in our atelier.

What is your price range?
Made-to-stock tops and skirts are priced from $100+ onwards
Handcrafted Cheongsams/Qipaos and Cocktail Dresses are priced from $299 onwards

For custom-made pieces, price varies depending on the desired design, fabric, sizing & detail. Please contact us for more information.

Phone: 63844337 / 96274764


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Singapore 369546

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Lorraine Lee

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